Our team has provided innovative, common sense based development, construction, and management solutions that utilize proven operational techniques for many years. Our clients have significantly benefitted from our expertise and our cooperative relationships and strategic alliances, thereby taking advantage of our extensive combined experience, and proven investment and project strategies.

Founding Members

  • William H. Winn
  • Steve Carlton
  • Michael Easton

Development and Management Team

  • InterMountain Hotel Management (hotel development, management, operations)
  • Tiarna Real Estate Management – The property manager for our retail development ancillary to the hotel projects, if required
  • EPCC Inc. Design, Construction and Project Management
  • The hotel brand development team
  • Contractor- Construction One / Western States
  • Architect- GH2 Hospitality Architects
  • La Quinta Hotels
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Lend Lease – Construction Management