Advantaged Acquisitions

It is the company’s intent to utilize our acquisition team and current relationships with Wyndham, La Quinta, Hilton, and Marriott in order to acquire and develop premier project sites that are currently available off market.

Resort Asset Management is capable of developing ancillary retail, residential, or office space on any excess land that may be acquired to develop a hotel. As a result, we can buy land parcels larger than the 2-3 acres needed for the hotel. This gives us an acquisition edge over other hotel developers who are focused on hotel projects.

Window of Opportunity

Our ability to select project locations with great upside potential that are most desirable to our brands, providing lower risk with upside opportunity.

Company Projects Exit Strategy

The Company’s exit strategy is to build the project, stabilize occupancy, and sell or permanently finance within 5 years.  The hotel site may include ancillary mixed uses (restaurant pads, event-conference facilities etc. as may be applicable based on local demand/demographics), thereby further enhancing the upside potential and terminal value.

Typical Business Plan:

  • Open, ramp up, operate, and stabilize the project. Obtain non-recourse construction and permanent financing, allowing for possible return of investor equity and partial profits, or sell the project for a full distribution of profits.  Each project will have a defined plan of sale or refinancing.
  • If the strategy is to sell at stabilization of occupancy, then the project maybe sold to a REIT, institutional investor, or other operators, thereby allowing for the return of investor equity and profit.  If in the Company’s best interest, the sale to REIT or institutional investor may be pre-negotiated with a buyer prior to occupancy stabilization.
  • Some projects may be held as “Legacy projects” which may be predetermined, or based on performance parameters.