Resort Asset Management LLC was founded by Michael Easton. Our highly experienced team is able to use their unique talents to acquire, develop and manage select service hotels on the mainland, Hawaii, the Philippines, and other markets throughout the world.

The company focuses on the acquisition, development and operation of Select Service Hotel projects/mixed use developments, property improvement & rebranding of existing hotel projects to include ancillary mixed use development opportunities designed to increase hotel amenities and enhance the project upside potential.


Resort Asset Management is able to acquire suitable locations, design a facility to meet the customer and tourist demands, construct the hotel in a cost effective and timely manner, and to operate the hotel to maximize returns.   The result is an asset that outperforms its competitive set in its market.

Resort Asset Management has successfully assisted hotel franchisees through difficult challenges of design, construction and operations, consistently outperforming others through its revenue management, specialized sales techniques, and marketing programs. Each property will be unique in its market